The Pickup Process

All Shipt Driver routes within the app will contain a designated pickup location (e.g., the Sortation Center) and a designated pickup arrival window (e.g., 9:15–9:30 a.m., 9:45-10 a.m.). 

  • Drivers should arrive at the specified pickup location within the specified pickup arrival window.
  • To preserve safety and avoid congestion at the Sortation Center, drivers should avoid arriving to pick up routes outside of (i.e., before or after) their designated pickup arrival window. It’s best to arrive within the timeframe shown in the app so the pickup process can be as smooth as possible.
    • For example, if a driver has claimed a route with a pickup arrival window for today from 9:15 a.m.–9:30 a.m., they should arrive at the pickup location between that time — not earlier or later.
    • If drivers get to the Sortation Center more than 5 minutes before the start of the arrival window and tap I’ve Arrived in the app, they’ll receive an error message and won’t be able to access the gate pass yet.
    • Similarly, a driver’s failure to arrive by the end of the designated arrival window will result in the driver being removed from the order.
  • There are back-to-back pickup arrival windows throughout the day. To ensure operational success at the Sortation Center, drivers should aim for efficiency and timeliness during their specific pickup arrival window.
  • Drivers will only be able to pick up routes that are scheduled to be delivered on the current day. Claimed orders for upcoming days will not be distributed until the day indicated on the order card.
  • For details on route pickup processes, including where to park, refer to the in-app pickup instructions on the Route Details screen.
    • Parking instructions will vary by route. 
  • You can review metro-specific pickup instructions, FAQs, facility maps, and more at the links below. 

Watch the videos below for an overview of the pickup process:

You can access your claimed routes from the My Orders screen. 

  • Tap My Orders from the main menu in the app.
  • Select the route you want to review or start.
  • When you’re ready to head to the pickup location, scroll to the bottom of the Route Detail screen and complete the Swipe and head to pickup action to confirm you are on your way to pick up the route.
  • Be sure to review the pickup instructions displayed below the arrival time. Pickup instructions will vary by metro and include where to park once you've entered the gate and additional safety guidelines.

When you have arrived at the pickup location, pull up to the gate. You will need a gate pass to enter the parking lot.

  • To access the gate pass, tap Scan gate pass.
  • The gate pass will display on the screen for you to scan at the gate.
  • After the gate opens, you can proceed to the parking area and park your car until you are able to enter the pickup facility.
    *Note: Refer to the pickup instructions in the app for specific directions on where to park after you've entered the gate.
    • If you access the gate pass from the Route Details page, remember to tap I've Arrived in the app once you've parked to enter the Sortation Center. If you mark yourself as arrived after entering the facility, you'll be considered late. 

Once you're able to enter the pickup facility, look for an available parking space and park your car.

  • After you’ve parked, you can turn off your car and locate the QR code on the parking space’s sign.
  • Tap Scan parking to pull up your phone’s camera, and then scan the parking space’s QR code.
  • Then, remain in your car and wait for a Sortation Center pickup associate to assist you.

The Sortation Center pickup associate will bring out a cart of packages to your car. 
*Note: To align with CDC guidelines, Target may require anyone in its distribution facilities to wear face coverings while loading inside the Sortation Center. If you don’t have a face covering when you arrive, a Target team member will give you one once you’re inside the center.

  • When you have received the cart of packages, tap Scan cart
  • On the following screen, you’ll see the camera view display alongside a list of carts for your route.
  • Scan the barcode on each cart to confirm you have received it from the pickup associate.
  • Once the carts have been scanned, tap Cart scanning complete.

Next, you can scan each package to confirm you have picked it up and then load them in your car. 

  • You may load the packages in a manner at your discretion.  Drivers often find it helpful to load the packages in an order that makes them easy to locate during delivery, such as grouping them by package recipient since those packages will be dropped off together.
  • Tap Start scanning.
    • If there are any issues with packages during pickup, such as damage to a package, you can push the red call button on the yellow alert light located behind your parking spot. This will notify a Sortation Center pickup associate you need assistance. Each individual parking spot has a corresponding alert light that will be labeled with the same number as the parking spot.
    • If you leave any packages unscanned, you will be prompted to confirm that you need to drop those deliveries from your route.
  • After you have scanned all packages, tap Mark as picked up.

Once you’ve scanned all the packages and loaded them into your car, you can return the cart to the marked cart return area.

  • Tap Return Cart followed by Scan return barcode. Then, scan each cart’s QR code to confirm the return of them. 
  • When you’ve scanned each cart, tap Cart scanning complete.

After you’ve loaded your car and returned the carts, you’re ready to deliver! 

  • On the following screen, tap Proceed to delivery and you will be able to review the Delivery List. 
  • To review the next steps on how to deliver packages, click here.


Do I have to pick up all of the packages at one time?

  • Yes, all of the packages listed in a Shipt Driver route will be picked up at the Sortation Center together during the arrival timeframe designated on the route card. Please ensure you have allowed enough space in your vehicle for all packages to be picked up successfully. 

Is there a specific parking area at the Sortation Center where I pick up routes?

  • Yes. When you have arrived at the Sortation Center, use the gate pass in the app to enter and proceed to the parking area. Parking will vary by location so check the app for more details based on your specific Sortation Center. 

What if I’m missing a package from my route during pickup?

  • If you notice you do not have all of the packages you should for a route, turn on the nearby “Help” light to notify a Sortation Center pickup associate that you are missing a package, and then continue with the pickup process.

What should I do if I have a wrong or extra package during pickup?

  • If you notice you have been provided with a wrong or extra package during pickup, load the rest of the packages into your vehicle and provide the package to the Sortation Center pickup associate when you return their cart after loading. Leave it unselected in the app, which will remove it from your delivery route.

Is there a way my phone can vibrate or make a sound when I scan packages during pickup to help me know the scan was successful?

  • Yes! Tap your name on the main menu to access your account settings. Then, tap Preferences on the Account screen. You'll see a Scanner Settings section, where you can turn on beep or vibration features.

Is there a maximum pickup vehicle size?

  • Yes, vehicles that exceed the dimensions below are not permissible to enter the Sortation Center:
    • Length: 24’ 1”
    • Width: 6’ 7”
    • Height: 9’ 11”

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