The Delivery Process

Watch the video below for an overview of the delivery process:

Once you have successfully picked up the packages for your Shipt Driver route, you can leave the pickup location to start delivering. 

  • To begin your delivery route, tap Start Route on the Route Details screen.
  • The Delivery List screen shows a suggested, optimized route for delivering by completing the deliveries in order from top to bottom. However, you can choose to complete deliveries in any order you prefer. 
    • To see a map view of the route, tap the map pin icon.

To prepare to deliver a route, select it from the Delivery List screen.

  • The Delivery Details screen for the delivery you selected will display. This screen provides customer information such as name and delivery address as well as specific delivery information like property type, security and/or call box codes, and delivery instructions.
  • To open the delivery address in your phone’s navigation app, tap the open window icon to the right of the address.
  • Once you arrive at the delivery location, review the packages on the Delivery Details screen to locate the correct packages in your car.
  • When you’re ready to drop off the packages at the delivery location, tap Drop off.
    *Note: A best practice when delivering to business or apartment buildings is to wait until you are at the exact drop-off location for the package, instead of when you park your car, in case there are any issues with delivery location access.

After indicating you're ready to drop off packages at the delivery location, you will need to scan each package to confirm delivery.

  • You will see a camera view at the top of the screen with a list of the packages for the delivery location below
  • Locate the barcode on the printed label on each package and use the camera to scan it. 
  • A green checkmark will display next to each package to confirm it has been scanned.
    *Note: If you'd like to turn on vibration or sound notifications for the scanning process, you can do so in your account preferences.

Repeat this process for each package.

  • After all packages for the delivery location have been scanned and placed outside of the delivery location, tap Add proof of delivery
    *Note: Some packages may be fragile. A best practice is to carefully drop off each package to avoid damage during delivery.
    • For more information on the proof of delivery process, click here.

Keep in mind, package delivery routes are contactless deliveries. If you’re unable to complete a delivery or there is an issue with a package prior to delivery, tap Undeliverable packages. Then, select a reason code from the list provided. To view and understand the glossary of reason codes, click here
*Note: If you make a partial delivery, meaning there are multiple packages for the same address but a portion of them are undeliverable, you’ll need to contact Support to mark them as returned.  

  • If the package is undeliverable for a reason not included in the list, contact Support. 
  • Once the package is marked as undeliverable, it will be moved to the Returns section of the route and will be accessible after all deliveries have been completed. 
  • Drivers should mark a package as undeliverable while at the delivery location, not at end of their route.


Review the details on the Delivery Summary screen to ensure accurate information for the packages delivered is displayed.

  • Complete the Swipe to finish action to confirm and complete the delivery.
  • You will be guided back to the Delivery List screen, and the delivery you just completed will be removed from the list to help you know which deliveries still need to be completed.
    • To access the list of completed deliveries, tap the completed deliveries icon in the top right corner of the Delivery List screen. You will see “delivered” statuses along with any issues alongside each package.

Continue selecting deliveries from the Delivery List and completing the actions for delivering the packages to their delivery locations until you are done with the list.

  • If you have any undeliverable packages that need to be returned, return the packages to the Sortation Center before completing the route in the app. 
  • Once you have completed all deliveries and returns, complete the Swipe to complete route action on the Route Details screen.


Will a signature be required for deliveries? 

  • No. Currently, all Shipt Driver packages should be dropped off at each delivery location and no interaction with the package recipient is needed.

Do I have to deliver the packages consecutively?

  • For optimal route success, it is recommended for you to start your delivery route right after leaving the store and complete the deliveries consecutively to avoid misplacement or damage to any packages. You can, however, choose to complete deliveries in whatever order you prefer.

Do I have to deliver the packages by the exact route that is provided in the app?

  • The delivery route is a suggestion that is optimized by Shipt’s routing engine and is recommended for you to utilize for efficiency. However, you may also use your own discretion and independent judgment to determine your own delivery route.

What do I need to do if there is an issue after I have left the pickup location to deliver?

  • If you have any issues during the delivery process, contact Shipt Support.
  • If after contacting Shipt Support a package is deemed undeliverable, you will need to return it to the Sortation Center.

Is there a way my phone can vibrate or make a sound when I scan packages while delivering to help me know the scan was successful?

  • Yes! Tap your name on the main menu to access your account settings. Then, tap Preferences on the Account screen. You'll see a Scanner Settings section, where you can turn on beep or vibration features.

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